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Then...and Now

This work began in Kenya when a young Moslem boy named Aila learned that Jesus could forgive his sins, and chose to become a disciple. Despite great hardships his faith grew, and one day he received a vision of cabbages growing in the desert.

That vision from God led Dr. Aila Tasse back to his people and the other unreached tribes of Northern Kenya. Dr. Aila is widely recognized as an early pioneer of Disciple Making Movements. Now in 30 countries, Lifeway Global catalyzed some of the first Disciple Making Movements in Eastern Africa with consistent multiplication year over year. To date, Lifeway has catalyzed 60 documented Disciple Making Movements.

Lifeway disciple makers serve compassionately and connect unreached people with God’s Word. New disciples learn to love God and their neighbors by practicing simple faith and simple obedience. Be a disciple – make a disciple.

With much prayer and constant attention to leadership training, Lifeway Global pursues the vision of seeing disciples multiply across the desolate regions of Northern Kenya, the nations of Eastern Africa, and the world.

In 2015, Lifeway began gathering other disciple making practitioners each summer for a Global DMM Catalyst Camp. This provides opportunities for encouragement and an exchange of best practices as DMM leaders from around the world meet together. In 2023, 260 practitioners from 47 countries gathered in Nairobi for Catalyst Camp.

Disciple Making Movements are not just happening in Africa. God has been doing something new throughout the world, and Lifeway Global is on the leading edge of this new work.

At the end of 2023, disciple makers in Lifeway networks across Eastern Africa and neighboring countries had engaged 162 unreached people groups and baptized 76,959 believers.

  • 31,300 leaders have been trained
  • 46,529 Discovery Bible Study groups formed
  • 21,383 churches started

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