Where We Serve

30+ Countries...and Counting

Lifeway’s role in each region and country varies. As a DMM catalyst, we serve either as outside leaders or inside leaders.

We are outside leaders when we serve those from another country, culture or people group. As outside leaders we come alongside local ministries and empower their “inside leaders” with training, coaching and various other resources. We facilitate the development of DMM networks.

We are inside leaders when we serve those in our own country, culture or people group. As inside leaders we serve on the growing edge of a DMM among our own people. We are both practitioners and catalysts.

Lifeway Global is serving in more places than we can list on this website. Some locations remain undisclosed for security reasons.

Lifeway Global Kenya

46 Unreached People Groups Engaged
14 Disciple Making Movements Catalyzed

Kenya is home to Lifeway Global. For more than 25 years God has empowered Lifeway to engage every unreached people group in Kenya and serve as inside movement leaders in many of them. Lifeway has trained and coached thousands of other inside leaders who serve within their own Kenyan communities. Lifeway Global has catalyzed an extensive network of Disciple Making Movement teams across the 8 areas of Kenya: Central, Coastal, Eastern, Northern, Nyanza, Nairobi Urban, Western, and Rift Valley.

Lifeway Global Networks

East Africa

78 UPGs Engaged
40 DMMs Catalyzed

East Africa has the highest concentration of Disciple Making Movements on the African continent. God has used Lifeway to catalyze and network the majority of these movements. Outside Kenya, Lifeway leaders assume the role of outside leaders as they train and coach many local movement leaders in the East African countries of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indian Ocean Islands, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Horn of Africa

34 UPGs Engaged
4 DMMs Catalyzed

The Horn of Africa is very resistant to the Good News of Jesus. The countries comprising the Horn of Africa are Djibouti, Eretria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Sudan. Other than Ethiopia, the majority of people in this region practice Islam. Recently, Lifeway leaders, acting as outside leaders, consulted with several different disciple-making ministries in Ethiopia. A network has been formed that empowers the Ethiopian ministries to collaborate and accelerate the growth of local Disciple Making Movements.”

Southern Africa

4 UPGs Engaged
2 DMMs Catalyzed

Since 2018 God has used Lifeway to catalyze new disciple making movements in this region. Doors have continued to open and in 2023 Lifeway led DMM training events in almost all the countries of Southern Africa. Lifeway Global is helping local ministries develop DMM networks in each country and a region-wide network that includes Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Pastors and Ministry Leaders in Europe have invited Dr. Aila to help create a strategy for reaching refugees. Currently our partners are in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. They are asking Lifeway Global for coaching in how best to demonstrate the love of Jesus to their new neighbors.

North America

Lifeway has developed significant partnerships with individuals, ministries, churches, and foundations in the United States. We are learning together and collaborating to accelerate disciple making movements on both continents. Lifeway Global – US is a registered non-profit and provides a platform in the United States for these partnerships to grow and thrive.

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