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When a disciple making team encounters a “person of peace”- someone who is open to conversation about God – they quickly invite that person to discover how God speaks through the Bible. Family and friends join them in Discovery Bible Study. As group members become disciples of Jesus, they gather as a simple church and network with others in the movement. These simple churches replicate and see generations of disciples and churches multiplied.

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Pray Online with African Movement Leaders

  • Every Wednesday, 7 am (CDST); 3 pm East Africa Time
  • Contact Kristen for the Zoom link

Become a Church Partner

  • Focus on one unreached people group
  • This is a 3-5 year commitment
  • Church teams serve in Africa each year.
  • Contact Ken Morris for more information,


By giving to the Church Planting fund, you can help Lifeway:

Provide Audio & Printed Bibles

  • Most people we engage have never held a Bible.
  • Audio Bibles are most effective for oral learners.

Accelerate the Good News with Motorcycles

  • Walking is the way most people travel between villages.
  • A motorcycle enables a team to reach remote locations.

Send Pioneer Missionaries to Engage New Unreached People Groups!*

  • Lifeway Global sends out movement leaders who have proven faithful to neighboring people groups where they demonstrate God’s compassionate love and introduce Jesus through Discovery Bible Studies.

*There are 17,446 unique people groups in the world and 7,391 of them are still considered unreached. The unreached groups total 42% of the world’s population!

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Read the story of Dr. Aila Tasse, founder of Lifeway Global, and see how God transformed a devout Muslim and catalyzed disciple making movements around the world.

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