What is a DMM?

A Disciple Making Movement, or DMM, occurs when the Spirit of God empowers teams of ordinary people to lovingly obey Jesus and rapidly multiply disciples and churches to the fourth generation, resulting in at least 100 simple churches.

What are Generations in a DMM?

Disciples make disciples. That’s one generation. When a disciple makes a disciple who makes a disciple, that’s two generations. By the time you reach the third or fourth generation, the disciples may not know the name of the original disciple in the chain. Churches generate new churches. That’s one generation. When disciples who are part of one church make disciples who establish another church, and disciples from the second church make disciples who become yet another church, that’s two generations. This is how movement happens. This is how disciples and churches multiply into neighboring tribes and countries as the Spirit moves.

Two Critical DMM Roles

Movement Leaders (Inside Leaders)

Local, indigenous believers who are living out a disciple-making lifestyle. They gather into teams with other believers and engage people who have not been reached with the gospel through prayer and compassionate service. They invite “persons of peace” into a simple, inductive Bible study along with their family and friends. Ultimately, those who become believers are baptized. They gather as simple churches. Local leaders emerge and are trained and coached to become part of the local movement network.

Movement Servants (Outside Leaders)

These servant-leaders are not part of the engaged people group, but serve as catalysts by providing resources. Movement servants help accelerate the work of movement leaders so engagements become a sustainable disciple making movement. Movement servants often work behind the scenes, but they are a vital part of the larger DMM team.

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